Your 8 Lot Factors to Consider (Other Than Size)

Posted by Justin Nolette on June 28, 2017

When it comes to your lot, there are many factors to consider other than size. Just like your home's interior, you'll want your lot to be functional. So, when it comes to choosing your perfect new home, here's a few lot considerations you'll want to make.

8 Lot Factors to Consider (Other Than Size) Soccer image1. Sunlight

Whether or not you have a green thumb, sunlight is something to think about when you're looking at lots for your new home. If you want a well-lit backyard for playing with your kids, you'll want your lot to be oriented in the right direction. That being said, sunlight can also really heat up your home in the summer, so if the heat bothers you, a shaded lot might be a better fit. 

2. Location in the Neighbourhood

For a young family, living across the street from a school is ideal, but if you're a working professional, this may not be the best location for you. Families benefit from cul-de-sac’s because they often have a larger backyard than the front yard. They also happen to be tucked away from busy roads. If you're a busy couple or single homeowner, you may prefer a centrally located lot that requires less yard maintenance and provides quick access to nearby roads. 

3. Quiet versus Busy Streets

For some people, living on a busy street will have tons of appeal and opportunity to reach amenities and make friends with neighbours. A more lively street may also offer easier accessibility to main roads for commutes. On the other hand, if you have a newborn, street noise may be a deal breaker. Keep noise levels in mind when hunting for your ideal lot.  

4. Sloped Lot

Having a sloped lot may give you the advantage of panoramic views and unique landscaping opportunities. Being on a hill also offers you a sense of privacy and the rural flair you wouldn’t get on a more conventional lot. You will want to think about accessibility, however, as this may not be ideal for anyone where this may be a concern. 

8 Lot Factors to Consider (Other Than Size) Playground image5. Walk-Out Lot

Walk out lots typically offer quick access to your backyard through your basement. In addition to making the ground level of your home more usable, you'll have more natural light and warmth. Walk-out lots are also known to improve the value of your home and are perfect for those who love to entertain. 

6. Pie Shaped Lots

As mentioned above, pie-shaped lots are common in cul-de-sacs and typically have less front yard maintenance. This shape is a great choice for a family or anyone with pets, as there's more space concentrated in the backyard. This type of lot can also increase the overall value of your home as it's considered very desirable.  

The size of the lot isn’t necessarily as important as the amount of functional space it offers you and your family. Be sure to ask your builder what lot options will best suit your needs.

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