How to Choose the Perfect Floor Plan

Posted by Justin Nolette on May 18, 2018
As you get ready to buy a new home, it’s important to realize looks aren’t everything. You want a home that has a layout perfectly suited for your new home needs. Once you have that, you can add almost any design details...
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The Ultimate Camping Guide for May Long Weekend

Posted by Justin Nolette on May 14, 2018
Unless you’re one of the few people who enjoy winter camping, the upcoming May long weekend is your first chance of the year to break out the camping gear and have some fun. Unfortunately, the weather is still a bit unpr...
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Edmonton’s Best Show Homes: The Trista Bling

Posted by Justin Nolette on May 11, 2018
If your growing family is starting to feel a little cramped in your current home, it’s time to start looking at some of the best options for families who want more space.  Sterling Homes’ Trista Bling is over 1,900 squar...
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What is a Pre-Qualification?

Posted by Justin Nolette on May 7, 2018
Getting a pre-qualification is one of the first steps you should take when you want to buy a home. When the bank pre-qualifies you for a mortgage, they take a look at your stated income and debts, then tell you how much ...
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Why Spring is a Good Time to Buy a New Home in Edmonton

Posted by Justin Nolette on May 4, 2018
Every spring, homeowners put their homes on the market, and buyers come out in droves to see what’s available. If you're planning to purchase a brand-new home, though, you may think it doesn’t really matter what season i...
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Superior Sterling Suppliers: Star Mechanical

Posted by Justin Nolette on April 30, 2018
At Sterling, we pride ourselves on the quality functionality of our homes - especially when it comes to what's hidden behind the walls.  That’s why we’ve chosen Star Mechanical for plumbing and HVAC systems. With almost ...
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Fun Things To Do In Edmonton: May 2018

Posted by Justin Nolette on April 27, 2018
It’s nice to hang out in your new house, and as the weather gets warmer, you’re probably thinking about all the things you want to do in the backyard. Still, it’s always good to get out a bit. Edmonton’s weather in May c...
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Brand New Quick Possessions: The Sensation J and Sienna Townhomes

Posted by Justin Nolette on April 23, 2018
Surprisingly, you don’t necessarily have to wait a long time before moving into a brand-new home - thanks to the wide variety of quick possession homes available in and around Edmonton's best new communities. Due to the ...
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The Best Home Features for Entertaining

Posted by Justin Nolette on April 20, 2018
As you think about building your new home, you’re probably focused on how nice it will be to finally have the space you need to entertain friends and family. Whether you’re hoping your home becomes the hub of your social...
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